Actions That Make Your Teeth Yellow

If you have perceived that your smile has lost its initial whiteness, you should know that it may be due to certain external factors that you are in time to control. That’s why we show you some of the most common, responsible that the enamel of your teeth has been deteriorating with the passage of time, the main one, you have postponed your appointment with your dentist New Age Dental Clinic Tijuana.

First of all, we must be clear that not all of us have the same initial denture tone. Our tonality is predetermined by our genetics, as well as the thickness or the future evolution of our teeth. Of course, it is in our power to correct some habits, like these, so as not to lose the best of our smiles:

Inadequate food Coffee, wine or tea are drinks that can end up producing spots on our teeth if we consume them in excess. We must also monitor the consumption of carbonated soft drinks, as they have a high level of acid that penetrates our teeth damaging the enamel.

Poor oral hygiene Of course, maintaining a good habit every day is vital to have a smile in perfect condition, not only aesthetically. Here you can check whether your hygiene is correct or not.

Smoking Among the substances that make up the tobacco is tar, responsible for the teeth becoming yellow and / or acquiring a darker shade.

Consumption of some antibiotics. Certain drugs can cause a secondary problem in our teeth. This is the case of tetracycline, a compound present in several drugs that can cause horizontal grayish or brown spots on the teeth of patients who consume it.

Therefore, if you want to improve the whiteness of your teeth, you must begin to correct these inadequate habits, and you can complete the action with an aesthetic treatment that helps you achieve your ideal tone. Of course, in the event that your color change is caused by wear of your enamel you should not use bleaching methods or brushing your teeth strongly, since the dentin will be too exposed to be damaged. For this, it is advisable that you go to a professional and use specially designed toothpastes to repair and protect the most sensitive areas of your teeth.